RegenDbasethe Comparative Models of Regeneration Database—provides a systems-level view of genes across models of tissue regeneration to advance knowledge of regenerative biology and stem cell self-renewal.

RegenDbase facilitates new hypotheses about how genes regulate the regenerative response by integrating mRNA and microRNA expression data from diverse models of regeneration together with data from embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells.

We integrate functional genomic datasets with up-to-date gene and genome annotations, Gene Ontology and pathway annotations, gene orthologs, gene interactions, and a comprehensive set of miRNA-target predictions for human, mouse, zebrafish, and nematode. We also provide consistent annotation of experiments and sample attributes to facilitate cross-experiment analyses.

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Gene Expression

Search our expression datasets for genes and miRNAs involved in regeneration and stem cell self-renewal.

Comparative Expression

Compare differentially expressed genes and miRNAs across datasets.

Gene Co-Expression

Find datasets in which your genes or miRNAs are co-expressed.

miRNA Co-targets

Search our target predictions for genes co-regulated by miRNAs.

miRNA Targets

Search our target predictions for genes regulated by miRNAs.

miRanda Analysis

Analyze your sequences for potential miRNA target sites.


Browse the experimental design of our functional genomic datasets.